Welcome to My Victorian Ladies - As seen on ITV Wales

Welcome to the world of My Victorian Ladies, as seen on ITV Wales. I am June Ashton-Mears and I have been making clothes for family and friends for more than 50 years, and for shows or exhibitions for almost as long.

I have always been fascinated by Victorian society, culture and fashion, and have been designing and making period costume for the last 15 years.

I design and make costumes to order and also "custom build" so that I can display costumes in an interactive way to interested groups. I make costumes for sale or for hire. I use my costumes in displays at residential homes, Women's Institutes, Schools and other community groups, where information and explanation of Victorian life and society is provided. This is not a lecture; it is factual and light hearted explanation of the way that things were. I am also available for trade and corporate events.

Display costumes are made so that they can be adjusted to a size range between 8 and 22 or "made to measure" by special order, and you usually don't need to remove any of your normal day wear unless it clashes in some way with the costume..

Please explore my website and contact me if you have any further enquiries.